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A Nerd Like Me – CD


Parody CD by Mike Rayburn

A Nerd Like Me” is a CD of 9 parodies and a bonus track*. The title track is a (mis?)treatment of Taylor Swift's “You Belong With Me.” Other tracks include the jazzy, “My  Favorite Things: NOT!” from Sound of Music about the little things that just bug you.

At Mike's satirical hand, The Clash's “Rockin' The Casbah” becomes a diatribe about every bad guitar gig Mike's done (and there have been many), called “Rockin' The Snack Bar.

Also included is an indictment of Bruno Mars' whiny, “Grenade,” Tai Cruz' “Dynamite” becomes a fun, family romp called “Hamster Bite,” Justin Bieber's “Baby” is now an itch-fest called “Scabies,” (yeah, Mike actually raps) and if you remember Mike from the 90's, he included his “Male Response To Alanis Morissette.” There is one live recording, Mike's  instrumental parody (huh? yeah) of Dueling Banjos called “Dueling Banj-arabia.”

Bonus Track… It's Mike's solo guitar version of Queen's “Bohemian Rhapsody.” This piece regularly gets standing ovations in the middle of Mike's presentations.

Fidgety Digits – CD


Up-tempo, experimental, finger-style solo acoustic guitar, featuring some of Mike’s long-time favorites – Quicksilver, Bele Chere, Hot Lizard, and the studio version of Hang The Jury.

Mike Rayburn at Carnegie Hall – CD


One unforgettable night with Mike at Carnegie Hall! This is Mike is at his comedic and musical best. Includes Led Zeppelin sings Dr. Seuss; Dan Fogelberg sings AC/DC (and reverse); Quicksilver, Tattoo, Scarlet O’Hara, Hang The Jury, Devil Went Down To Georgia, Bad Luck, and many more. Over 1 hour!

Romantical – CD


Beautiful, soft instrumental guitar, both classical and Rayburn originals. Includes “Pachelbel’s Canon,” 3 Bach pieces, the Cabo San Lucas inspired “Dos Mares,” and Robin Crow co-write, “Hope and Fear.”