What IF? Challenge


Take The “What IF?” Challenge!

The “What If?” Challenge is 16 powerful sessions with Mike Rayburn, each a fun 3 – 4 1/2 minute video with a carefully chosen “What If?” question Mike designed to transform your mindset, open up your possibilities, give you more time, and supercharge your performance.

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YOU are successful. Otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this. Failures see this as a waste of time. Most won’t even click on this page. But you did.

That means, you probably have a good career, you’re pursuing your art form, or you’re a stay-at-home parent who’s grown a beautiful family.

Whatever your success, you get it.

But there’s a problem. You know there’s something missing. You know you are a gold mine of unrealized potential. And like me, you want to take life not just to the next level, but as far as it can go.

What’s missing?

Perhaps you feel a calling you’ve never embraced? A business, career or promotion you really want, or want to make better? Maybe there’s an adventure you want to take, a ministry or charity you want to start? Or a life of purpose that could be so much deeper?

And here’s the worst part… It’s not you. There is a force in the universe that holds you back, sabotages your mindset, hijacks your self-talk, tells you you don’t have what it takes, and fills your life with distractions from whatever would make things better.

Author, Stephen Pressfield calls this force Resistance. Resistance wants to keep you down, keep you right where you are, keep you coasting.

Why? Because… coasting only happens down hill.

"What If?" Challenge

I’m totally with you…

Look, I know your story because it’s my story, too. A major part of my life’s work has been learning how to transform mindset, how to become one’s personal best and how to get the most out of every part of life… I have learned how to beat Resistance. First of all… don’t blame yourself. You are not deficient. You have what it takes. All you need is the right tools… and a guide to help you use them.

The Solution…

So how do you move boldly forward? Take control of your self talk? Design an amazing future? Change your mindset to one of success, possibility and a focus on what really matters?

Take The What IF Challenge!

My What If Challenge is 16 powerful sessions with me, each a fun, 3 – 4 1/2 minute video with a carefully chosen “What If?” question I designed to transform your mindset, open up your possibilities, give you more time, and supercharge your performance.

The Process…

I will email you one video per week (or choose from the library as often as you like), and spend about 10-30 minutes (or more) answering the question, and not only discovering the opportunities you’re missing, but learning how to act on them!

Then… take action! Make each new mindset to habit… and watch your life and results take off!


You get…

  • A bold, fun, new What IF? Challenge emailed to you each week.
  • Your own online account where you can type and explore your answers and ideas, store them, and return to your work.
  • A downloadable PDF workbook containing each challenge which you can use to reference the challenge, and/or space for notes if you prefer to write on paper.
  • Full access to the library of challenges so you can go at your own speed in your own order or repeat them.
  • Exclusive membership to the private What IF? Challenge Facebook Group.
  • Discussion or deeper dive questions with each challenge to flesh out them out and explore deeply all the angles and benefits of the challenge question.
  • Lifetime access so you can take it again and again.


In about four minutes per video, and a few minutes of focused brainstorming you will…

  • Create a bigger vision for what’s possible in every situation.
  • Create a transformational life plan for your career, relationships, health, finances and spirituality.
  • Develop a creative, innovative, “What IF” mindset for possibilities.
  • Lead your field by stepping out and creating change rather than managing it.
  • Create extraordinary customer and colleague experiences.
  • Learn how to intentionally reinvent your life and/or business.
  • Turn your problems into opportunities.
  • Set and achieve bold goals that really move you forward.
  • Tap into and harness your uniqueness and creativity (which you’re probably running from).
  • Learn a simple technique for creating more time every day.
  • Discover and renew your sense of purpose and service.
    Unleash your hidden potential by taking off the brakes.
  • Create a personalized plan for becoming world class, your personal best at what matters.

And much more…

Hey, just one insight generated from one right question at the right time could transform your life and revolutionize your results. You get 16 “right questions” which you can use over and over. In fact, while most learning programs have a time limit, I’m giving you lifetime access for one investment because I want you to take the What IF Challenge at least once per year.

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